The Characters


Name: Suzuki Saria
Age: 14
Birthday: July 7th
Profile: Saria is a prodigy who, while originally told to skip to a higher grade, decided to stay in this one to be with her best friend, Liza. Saria is a bundle of emotions and can be a bit hard to get a grasp on, usually being quiet and shy. If you get her excited about something though, her face essentially lights up and she will go on and on about whatever she feels like talking about. She comes from a well-off family and thus, is fairly proper (and a bit prudish). When nervous, she can be a bit clumsy. Saria will usually not show her emotions in front of people she doesn’t trust–and even then, she won’t always openly admit her feelings (Similar to a tsundere) due to bullying issues that have plagued her. She has trouble being sure of herself and always works very hard along with putting more on herself than she needs to (especially with her stern organizing and perfectionism). Despite doing her best to hide a lot of things, she’s sometimes fairly obvious. She also has a strong love for animals, plushies, and other cute things, and really enjoys playing the piano.

Name: Mitsuki Liza
Age: 16
Birthday: December 14th
Profile: Liza, while maybe not very book smart, has plenty of street smarts to make up for it. She’s blunt and cunning and will usually say things that Saria may be too shy to do so. She knows Saria like the back of her hand and regardless of when she tries to hide something from Liza, Liza knows exactly what’s going on. Regardless, Liza respects how Saria may be feeling and tries to not bring it up, unless she finds it important to or knows Saria really wants to. She does her best to get Saria to open up more and show just how she can be. Liza loves drawing and has fun drawing Saria’s various reactions to things (Much to Saria’s dismay).

Name: Kazuya Shigeru
Age: 16
Birthday: November 27th
Profile: Shigeru is sarcastic and a bit cynical. He enjoys teasing Saria playfully. He does okay in school–only not doing better due to being a bit lazy. Despite his popularity, he doesn’t really care about or pay attention to it. He loves to eat, often bringing several kinds of things for lunch, and seems to have a very fast metabolism. He can be a bit rebellious and has no problem telling someone off for being stupid. Despite coming off as kind of a jerk, he can be pretty nice when he feels like it.


Pondo Edo
Age: 17
Birthday: January 6th
Profile: Edo is the student body president. He doesn’t say much unless he has to or feels a reason to. Liza has feelings for him.

Saske Retsu
Age: 16
Birthday: June 1st
Profile: Retsu is full of herself and kind of a brat. She had the highest test grades before Saria entered (though, people believed Retsu to be cheating) and thus, claimed her to be her rival. Since then, she had made Saria’s life a living nightmare to the point where Saria stopped going to school (Or at least she assumes, awarding herself a point.). She made it a daily routine to go to her desk and insult her, even when Saria isn’t there.

Masu Sasi & Masu Saki
Age: 16
Birthday: June 2nd
Profile: Sasi and Saki are twins and Retsu’s “best friends”. They do whatever she says. Liza often jokes that there’s a hive mind between the three of them. Sasi is older by 2 minutes.

Mr. Teru
Age: 34
Profile: He’s quick to the point with his lessons, but will help students if they need it. He tries not to be too much in his student’s lives unless he has to as he feels it’s all part of growing up.



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